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WELCOME to *StarDesign* Silver-gray Standard Poodles

For over 40 years, poodles are living in our family as beloved pets. Life is unthinkable without poodles.

We all are living happily together in Böheimkirchen (Austria) with five silver-gray Standards and one Medium. Some are shown at dog shows and a few special ones will be bred and some are 'just' pets, but all are our beloved family members living with us in our house. Most of the time, we just have fun with them, like with ordinary pet poodles. To live a good life all together is most important to us.

Cara (Multi-CH Graphic Silverstar), our US-import and our foundation breeding bitch, passed her health tests with flying colors at an age of two years. Thus, we founded our kennel with prefix StarDesign (FCI-ÖKV-ÖCP) in August 2012. Her first litter was born at the end of 2013.

Our special attention is laid on a small, family run quality kennel with health-tested and well-tempered poodles, a lovingly handled breeding and well-trained basics for socialization.
Our motto and breeding goal: *Royal Companions with beauty & brains*


STANDARD POODLES are an active, intelligent, sensitive, and eager to learn, medium-sized breed. Best characterization is: ALL-ROUNDER. Depending on which haircut you choose, they are low maintenance up to very high maintenance. A plus is they do not loose hair.

Royal Companions with Beauty & Brains
- "Königliche Gefährten mit Verstand und Schönheit"

The standard poodle is the largest of the poodle breed and is also called in French "caniche royal" and in German "Königspudel". It means "royal poodle". Whenever you watch a standard poodle acting with its elegance and grace, you know this is its true name.

A standard poodle is one of the most beautiful dogs. They are great for conformation and appear with elegance, grace, charisma, proud attitude ...

The poodle is one of the most misunderstood dog in the world. Owners know about the marvelous brains under the stylish curly coat. The poodle is one of the few breeds of highest versatility. Many breeds have olympic like specialists, but few breeds can simply do it all!
   Poodles attend in obedience, hunting, agility, therapy, herding, tracking, rescue, detection, guiding, dog sledding ... and most important - they are simply perfect family companions!



Imagefolder of the Austrian Kennel Club (ÖKV)
Imagefolder of the Austrian Club of Poodle Friends (ÖCP) with Cara on the left and Jessi & Dori in the middle

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself (Josh Billings)


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     We are members of

  • FCI

  • Austrian Kennel Club

  • Austrian Club of Poodle Friends

  • The Standard Poodle Club

  • Austrian Pure Breed Dogs Club

  • Dog Sports Club Böheimkirchen

  • Austrian Sighthound Club

  • Society of Friends of the Vetmed Uni Vienna