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Hummel vom Pudelhof-Wolfholz 'Bigi'

... our White Angel

Breed Variety: White Miniature Poodle bitch

Status: pet poodle, gone over the Rainbow Bridge

Sire: The Last Unicorn Ulysses der Zauberlehrling ( x )
Dam: Carin Bily Medvidek ( x )

Born: 1999 in Brunn am Gebirge, Austria, at breeder Franz Reiner.
Since 2013 she now is a true "White Angel". We all miss her so much ...

Loved and owned by: Eva Gruber

Nicknames: Bigi, Beagle

Meaning: Bigi is the short form of the celtic name "Birgit" and means "splendid or strong". She really was both. She loved dogs and people and was one of our most kind dwarves which ever lived with us. She knew Shila, Jessi, Dori and Cara. Her most favored activity was the hunt for mice. She could dug the whole day. We will never forget you, our true White Angel!


We want to thank breeder Franz Reiner for giving us this sweet little dwarf. She was a true angel, beautiful and brave. She was the "good spirit" of our poodle pack.


Bigi, on a boat trip in Croatia

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