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'Unser Hund - Der Pudel' by Rosa Engler

An old breed newly discovered: this book points a new outlook of the traditional Poodle, which is currently rebounding. It is more than a groomed and pampered lap dog, but rather a highly versatile, sportive, vital, fun-loving dog with an exceptionally genial temper.
   The several chapters present the diversity with large-sized and rare photos and show a detailed portrait. Own chapters are dedicated to famous poodle owners from Thomas Mann to Churchill, the poodle in the art (history) as well as the relatives of the poodle.

Kynos Verlag, Hardcover, 160 pages in color, ISBN 978-3-938071-82-3, currently only in German

Jessi is part of this book

Jessi has so much fun in the snow, winter 2009
Chris and Jessi with her favorite hobby - ball game
A-Hakim vom Herzogshut, brown miniature, owned by Doris Payerl, at a rapidly play with our Jessi on the beach
Jessi, six months old and already a passionate retriever

Two more photos by us in this book

Dwarf poodle Willson, Etienne-Willson de Paulae Villa, owned by Bettina Will, playing with a wooden stick on the beach
Willson - Etienne-Willson de Paulae Villa

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