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How to Show Your Poodle in Austria

Österreichischer Champion (ÖCH) - Austrian Champion

To be eligible for the title “Österreichischer Champion” (Austrian Champion), your poodle must have obtained:

  • four times CACA (Certificat d’Aptitude au Championat d’Autriche de Beauté - aptitude for Austrian Beauty Champion) (intermediate/open/champion class)
  • two CACA - out of those four CACA - should have been obtained at international shows (CACIB shows)
  • the above mentioned four CACA should have been obtained under at least three different judges
  • at least one year and one day should pass between the dates when the first and the last CACA are won
  • usually the certificate of championship will be send by the Austrian Kennel Club some weeks after you have fullfilled the qualifications. If you have CACA from Breed Club National shows, or if you have Res.CACA, please send the application by yourself
  • application form for Austrian championship: http://www.oekv.at/ausstellungen/ausstellungsformulare-downloads.html (German - look at "Formulare")
  • important: if you have fulfilled the qualifications, you have one year left to apply for championship at the ÖKV – “Österreichischer Kynologen Verband” - (Austrian Kennel Club). If you miss this deadline, the CACA will be lost. Usually it will be sent by the Kennel Club, but if not, don't miss the deadline.
  • Regulation for ÖKV dog shows (pdf-file in English)


Österreichischer Jugend Champion (ÖJCH) - Austrian Junior Champion

To be eligible for the title “Österreichischer Jugendchampion” (Austrian Junior Champion), your poodle must have obtained:

  • three times JB (Jugendbester - Junior Winner)
  • or two times JB and one CACA from intermediate or open class up to an age of 24 months
  • the above mentioned three aptitudes should have been obtained under at least two different judges
  • application form for Austrian championship: http://www.oekv.at/ausstellungen/ausstellungsformulare-downloads.html (German - look at "Formulare")


Österreichischer Veteranen Champion (ÖVCH) - Austrian Veteran Champion

To be eligible for the title “Österreichischer Veteranenchampion” (Austrian Veteran Champion), your poodle must have obtained:

LATEST NEWS - Toy poodles have their own class by color now!
They are judged for CACA, Junior Winner and Veteran Winner like the other varieties in Austria since 2012!!! (CACIB is still for all colors together)


International (CACIB), National (CACA) and Poodle Specialty shows (CACA and “ÖCP-CAC”) 
There is about one CACIB show per month from spring to fall in Austria. They are organized by the ÖKV or a local club, which is a member of ÖKV / FCI. Show dates, online registration, and other details can be found on the website of the ÖKV www.oekv.at (only in German. Watch out for menu “Ausstellungen”)

Currently, there are only international and specialty shows in Austria. For poodles are two of the ÖCP – “Österreichischer Club der Pudelfreunde” (translation: Austrian Club of Poodle Friends).  It’s the only poodle club in Austria, which is a member of ÖKV / FCI.
   At a poodle specialty, CACA is awarded and to club members “ÖCP-CAC”, too. (more information below). There are also some nice special titles, like “Best Baby in Show”, “Best Bitch/Dog in Show“, “Best Modern Clip” and many more. Watch out for more information on their website: www.oecp.at (only in German, but some show information is available in English – follow menu “Ausstellung” and "Ausstellungstermine")


The four FCI sizes of poodles in German language:

  • Großpudel = Standard Poodle (Caniche grand)
  • Kleinpudel = Medium Poodle (Caniche moyen)
  • Zwergpudel = Miniature (Dwarf) Poodle (Caniche nain)
  • Toypudel = Toy Poodle (Caniche toy)

Here you may find a detailed comparison of the heights of the different Kennel Clubs.

The colors in German language (in Austria):

  • schwarz = black (noir)
  • weiß = white (blanc)
  • braun = brown (marron)
  • grau = silver/gray/grey (gris)
  • apricot = apricot (fauve orangé)
  • rot = red (fauve rouge)
  • Mehrfarbenpudel (size) schwarz loh = black and tan phantom
  • Mehrfarbenpudel (size) weiß schwarz = white and black parti (harlequin)

Bicolored poodles in Austria are: black and tan phantoms and white and black parti-colored only. No other color combination is permitted.

Classes and their abbreviations, which are used on the flipchart in the ring:

  • Rüden (Rü) = dogs
  • Hündinnen (Hü) = bitches
  • Babyklasse (BA) (Baby class): 3-6 months: only at a poodle specialty
  • Jüngstenklasse (Jü) (Puppy class): 6-9 months
  • Jugendklasse (JU) (Junior class): 9-18 months
  • Zwischenklasse (ZW) (Intermediate class): 15-24 months
  • Offene Klasse (OF) (Open class): over 15 months
  • Gebrauchshundeklasse (Working class): not for poodles
  • Championklasse (CH) (Champion class): optional for all national and international champions, obligatory for Austrian champions until an age of 8 years
  • Veteranenklasse (VE) (Veteran class): over 8 years
  • Junghundeklasse (juvenile class): not for poodles
  • Außer Wettbewerb (out of competition): for dogs, which have got at least one time “excellent”. You will not get a report, just a blue ribbon.  

NOTE: Cropped or docked dogs born after 1 January 2008 can't be exhibited in Austria

At the Show and in the Ring

You will get the catalog right after the entrance. If you have paid the registration fee in advance you will get the number from the ring stewards at the desk, else you will get it at the cashier's desk. (in Austrian German: Kassa)
   Poodles will be judged in order of catalogue numbers. The ring steward will call up the next number(s). Unfortunately it's mostly only in German. Results will be written on the flipchart. Each judged poodle gets a report and a ribbon in different colors depending on the result.

 Results written on the flipchart: 

  • vielversprechend (vv) = very promising
  • versprechend (v) = promising
  • nicht entsprechend (n.e) = not promising
  • vorzüglich (V) = excellent
  • sehr gut (SG) = very good 
  • gut (G) = good
  • genügend (gen) = sufficient
  • disqualifiziert (dis) = disqualified
  • Jugendbester (JB) = Junior Winner
  • Veteranensieger (VS) = Veteran Winner


 The different colors of the ribbons:

  • pink ribbon: very promising, promising
  • blue ribbon: excellent
  • red ribbon: very good
  • yellow ribbon: good
  • white ribbon: sufficient
  • red-white ribbon: Junior winner
  • red-white-red ribbon: CACA
  • orange-white-orange ribbon: ResCACA
  • gold ribbon: CACIB
  • silver ribbon: ResCACIB
  • blue-white-red ribbon: Veteran winner

Usually, every Junior winner and CACIB winner gets a prize (medal) at the show office desk. The BOB winner usually get a rosette in the BOG competition ring. Mostly every Puppy and Veteran winner gets a small prize in the BIS ring. Search for detailed information at the first pages of the show catalogue.


JB - Jugendbester (Junior winner) can be awarded to each dog and bitch receiving an excellent 1 in junior class. There is no "JCA" in Austria. There is no "Junior-BOB" in Austria. Junior winners may run in the "Junior BIS" show ring.

CACA can be awarded to each dog and bitch receiving an excellent 1 in intermediate, open and champion class.

ResCACA can be awarded to each dog and bitch receiving an excellent 2 in intermediate, open and champion class. If the CACA winning dog of the championclass is alread an Austrian Champion, you can use this ResCACA for your championship application.

CACIB can be awarded to the best dog and bitch from the following classes: Intermediate, open and champion, who have previously received the title CACA.

ResCACIB can be awarded to the runner up dog / bitch from the following classes: intermediate, open and champion. Entitled for the competition are dogs/bitches that have received the CACA and the dog/bitch that received the ResCACA from the class of the CACIB winner.

Attention: A bicolored poodle will receive neither a CACIB/ResCACIB, nor the titles, which are attached to it (e.g. Austrian Winner or World Winner 2012 in Salzburg), because it is only a national recognized breed in Austria and not at FCI. The bicolored BOB poodle must not run for BOG/BIS at CACIB-Shows, only at National / Specialty shows.

For all show newbies: for standards, mediums and miniatures: there is one CACIB/ResCACIB for dog and bitch of the color group "white/black/brown" and for "grey/apricot/red". Toy poodles have only one CACIB/ResCACIB for dog and bitch of all six colors together.


VS - Veteranensieger (Veteran winner) can be awarded to each dog and bitch receiving an excellent 1 in veteran class.

The BOB (Best of Breed) is chosen from all junior winners, CACIB dog and bitch, all CACA and veteran winners.

The BOS (Best of Opposite Sex) is chosen from all BOB-competitors of the opposite sex of the BOB winner.
Note: BOS (Best of Opposite Sex) was not awarded in Austria until end of 2012.

Usually, the best male and the best female is choosen, before they both will run together for BOB and BOS.



Österreichischer Club der Pudelfreunde (ÖCP) - Austrian Club of Poodle Friends (FCI)

The Austrian Club of Poodle Friends was originally founded in 1923. It is the eldest Poodle club in Austria and the only one, which is a member of ÖKV / FCI today. The ÖCP has gone through hard times (e.g. World War II). Today it is proud of his historical heritage and looks ahead with a positive motivation. The main goals for the next decade are a more healthier breeding program for poodles and the promotion of popularity of its specialty shows.

Specialty shows and Club Championships

The ÖCP organizes two different kinds of shows. A "Sonderschau" as part of an ÖKV-CACIB all breed show and Poodle specialty shows.
   At both your Poodle can be awarded with CACA and, if you are already a member, you will be awarded with an aptitude for a Club championship. Additionally some nice special titles are awarded at Poodle specialty shows.
   Usually two "Sonderschau" and one Double-Specialty are organized per year. Look up for dates and deadlines at www.oecp.at (only in German, but some show information is available in English – follow menu “Ausstellung” and "Ausstellungstermine")

 Basic rules of the Club Championships:

  • Confirmed Membership of the Poodle owner (if you want to become a member, send the application form at least with the entry form of the show)
  • If you have fulfilled the qualifications, you have one year left to apply for championship at the ÖCP. If you miss this deadline, the aptitude will be lost.
  • Application form for all Austrian Club Championships: Antrag ÖCP Clubchampionate (pdf-file in German)
  • Regulation for ÖCP dog shows (pdf-file in German)


Four kinds of Club Championships and their qualifications: 

ÖCP Clubchampion - Austrian Club Champion
  • four aptitudes from intermediate/open or champion class
ÖCP Club Grand Champion
  • confirmed ÖCP Club Championship
  • three aptitudes from champion class including one time BOB
ÖCP Jugendclubchampion - Austrian Junior Club Champion
  • three aptitudes from junior class
  • or two aptitudes from junior class and one from intermediate/open class up to an age of 24 months
ÖCP Veteranenclubchampion - Austrian Veteran Club Champion
  • three aptitudes from veteran class


Special Club Titles

Below you find a list of some of the Club titles. Some of them are awarded to members only and some are awarded to all winning poodles of the show. At every show, the titles and their rules are written down in the catalogue. Look up for the invitation of the show on the club's website.

  • Best Baby male/female (BIS female/male out of all varieties and colors)
  • Best Puppy, Junior, Veteran and Dog / Bitch of the show (same like at "Baby")
  • Best in Show 1-5, awarded with a nice cup
  • Baby, Puppy, Junior, Bitch, Dog, Veteran Club Winner
  • Best Modern Clip male / female


All judged poodle will receive a ribbon and a certificate. The BOB and BOS Poodles will receive a rosette. Usually the winners of Club titles will receive glass cups. BIS winners will be awarded with special cups.






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