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Cara is Hungarian National Champion!

The story of a very successful weekend[more]

Category: Cara


Cara is Austrian Junior Winner

Cara got Junior Winner at todays Austrian Winner CACIB Show in Tulln. With this title goes a qualification for CRUFTS in Birmingham.[more]

Category: Cara


Cara gets Junior Winner at Club Show in Tulln

Cara got Junior Winner at todays Club Winner Show in Tulln. The show was organized by the Austrian Club of Poodle Friends at the same venue as the Austrian Winner CACIB Show. Additionally Cara finished the Austrian Club Junior...[more]

Category: Cara


Jessi wins Best Modern Clip competition

Jessi was elected the poodle bitch with "Best Modern Clip" at the Austrian national speciality show in Kloster Marienberg. Jessi participated only in the best modern clip competition. Many thanks to judge Mrs....[more]


Cara succeeded at Poodle Club Show

Cara succeeded at the Poodle National Speciality Show in Kloster Marienberg, Austria. First she got junior winner. Later she finished as best female junior of all sizes and colors (Junior-BIS-female), i.e. she got the...[more]

Category: Cara


Cara is new Hungarian Junior Champion

We are so proud - her first Championship is finished! She did once again BOB out of junior class in Szombathely / Hungary.[more]

Category: Cara


WDS Paris

We were there! Cara got excellent 2, behind her halfsister "Graphic Silvermoon at Moroshka". Her uncle Velcro, "Graphic Silverdollars" did FCI-World Junior Winner and Junior-BOB!It was a pleasure to...[more]

Category: Cara, Jessi


Cara won 2 times Junior Winner and BOB in Komarom/Hungary

We spent the weekend in our neighbor country Hungary. At the double CACIB show in Komarom we had nice weather in the beautiful surrounding of the old fort. Cara won Junior Winner and BOB against adult competitors on both...[more]

Category: Cara


Oops, she did it again ...

Cara again won BOB on todays CACIB show in Salzburg against a competitor in champion class![more]

Category: Cara



We have been in Dortmund / Germany on May 6, 2011 and Cara is now FCI-CENTENARY-YOUTH-WINNER. It was her debut at a big international show and we are proud of our only 10 months old girl. Many thanks to judge Mrs. Hassi...[more]

Category: Cara


Cara won BOB in Wieselburg

Today, April 10, 2011 Cara won BOB on the CACIB show in Wieselburg/Austria from Junior Class! But this did not happen due to lack of comptetitors. There was a dog in Champion Class, who got CACIB. But Cara convinced the judge,...[more]

Category: Cara

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