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StarDesign Absolute No Angel 'Angie'

... our Silver Angel

Breed Variety: Silver-gray Standard Poodle bitch

Status: Eva's silver angel

Sire: Pompano Texas Twister (Bar-None Corps Consulaire Calie x Mermix McGreat Divide)
Dam: Graphic Silverstar (DiMarko Graphic Diplomacy x Graphic Silver Allure)

Born: December 29, 2013 at our home in Böheimkirchen, Austria

Loved and owned by: Eva and Karin Gruber

Working Titles: ÖKV-Begleithundeprüfung (comparable with Canine Good Citizen Test)

Nicknames:  Angie

Meaning: "No Angel" is a perfect name for Angie. She is an angel without wings. She still tries to fly ... a true jumping and flying poodle with a heart of gold. It was love from the first moment between Eva and her and at the end the heart succeded over the mind. Dori and her are already big friends.



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