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StarDesign Absolute True Ambassador "Franz"

International Champion
Swedish Champion
Finish Champion
Norwegian Champion
Danish Champion
Finland Winner 2016
Helsinki Winner 2016
BOB SAR at Swedish Poodle National 2017
Puppy BIS #2

Owners: Maritha & Kalle Ögren, Sweden

Health test results:
HD (hips): A (SKK)
vWD (von Willebrand's Disease): clear by parentage
NE (Neonatal Encephalopathy): clear by parentage
teeth: complete sissor bite

© Photos: Maritha & Kalle Ögren



EDS Oslo
Swedish Res.CC and second CACIB in Gällivare from judge Mrs. Tiina Taulos
Franz' elegant, maskuline head
EDS Oslo - a proud smiling winner boy
Pretty boy Franz in Gällivare
CC, CACIB (it's the first CACIB of "Absolute"-litter) and BOB in Rovaniemi awarded from Finish judge Mrs. Saija Juutilainen. Big congratulations to his owers! We are very proud of this beautiful young boy!
he got CQ (Champion Quality) out of 15 males in Brysk
We have to point out that showing a poodle in Sweden is different to the rest of FCI-Europe. In Sweden all colors compete together in the classes, like the Toy Poodles. To get a CC in Sweden is not easy, especially for a young silver during color-clearance time.
Franz and his friend Tino (Ch. Amazing Art Tino D'Argento)
Franz and Tino on a walk
Congratulations to Maritha & Franz
what an amazing face he has!
beautiful young boy
Franz and his Finish brother 'Romeo' (StarDesign Absolute Heartbreaker) at Swedish Poodle National 2014
at Swedish Poodle National 2014
Franz and Maritha, winning Puppy BISS 2 in May 2014 in Byske (c) Photo: Yvonne Mukkavaara
with his new friend Tino - Ch. Amazing Art Tino D'Argento
Franz in the forrest
Franz was awared BOB-Puppy at Överkalix show
Maritha and Franz at Boden show
two special good friends
two friends enjoying midsummer
at Swedish Poodle National 2014
Franz is winning the puppy class (< 6 m.) at Swedish Poodle National Show 2014
with Tino at 4,5 months

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