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Our Puppy Breeding

Our puppies grow up in the family in our house and garden with love and dedication. They will easily get used on human daily routines, sounds and events. After the first peaceful weeks we make first invations of children and different adults. At this time puppies will be gently groomed for the first time. Grooming is a main part of the poodle's life. First times are extremly important.

Depending on the stage of development, we make some more socializing trips into nature and city with the whole family. We attach importance to find out the different personalities of the puppies, being helpful for the puppy buyers.

We are awaiting full of joy and enthusiasm every step of their development.

It is very important for us the mother has free access to her puppies to nurse, teach and play with them. She always has the choice to goes out to retire at a quiet place or joins the other dogs or us at our daily routine. We are sure, this is one of the reason the mother enjoys a special good rapport with her puppies. Our Cara cared about her puppies with full dedication until they went to their new homes.

Over all it makes a lovingly handled breeding with a careful foundation for socialization. These points are as obvious as a special adapted feeding of the mother and her puppies.

If she has enough mother's milk, we start feeding the puppies no earlier than the mother shows first signs by regurgitation or offering some of her food. It contains fresh or cooked meat in human food-grade (beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, freshwater fish), vegetables, fruits, potatoes, rice, millet, quinoa, buckweath, amaranth, curd cheese, goat milk and yogurt, mineral nutrients, valuable oils and much more. To get used on dry food we daily feed them one part of Orijen and Wolfsblut. These are one of the highest quality brands.

The whole course of our breeding is ruled by the strict breeding rules and subject of supervision of ÖCP (FCI-Poodle Breed Club of Austria), ÖKV (Austrian Kennel Club) and FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale).



You want a *StarDesign* Puppy?

If you are interested in a puppy from us, please write us a little bit about you and your previous life with dogs. No problem, if you are a beginner in poodles or dogs, in that case we will introduce you more intensively into the world of poodles.
We are curious about the reason why you have chosen a Standard Poodle as your favorite dog. Last but not least what should your "dream poodle" be made of?
Don't be shy and ask us all your questions.



Our puppies can earliest move to their new families by an age of 9 to 10 weeks. You will get a starter kit for the first days of settling in at the new home and important documents:

  • familiar food for first days
  • booklet with important advices
  • toy and blankie with the smell of home
  • small grooming starter kit
  • familiar, used collar and leash
  • current sales contract
  • record of puppy checkup of the breed club (in German)
  • EU Pet Passport (identification and vaccination)
  • copies of health tests of the parents
  • FCI/ÖKV/ÖCP-Pedigree (if it is still not at our house at pickup date, we will send you free by registered mail)

Until the pickup date, puppies will be:

  • several times dewormed
  • vaccinated
  • Microchip tagged
  • checked up by vet
  • checked up by 'breed officer' of ÖCP
  • used on first basic grooming
  • used on collar and leash
  • socialized according to age

Getting a *StarDesign* Poodle includes a poodle's lifetime long offer for advice and help by us breeders!

If you are interested in a puppy from our breeding please contact us!  CONTACT



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