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Cara's First Litter

Puppies were born on Dec 29, 2013


Our sweet Cara whelped six boys and two girls during the night of Dec 29 to 30, 2013.
She had a gentle delivery and is a wonderful caring mother. She and all babies are in good health and happy! We are so proud of her!
Silver-gray poodle puppies are born black and will develop into their wonderful color by time.

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Our trip to Sweden

After a journey of 1.5 days we happily watched Cara and Dallas playing together in the garden with a lot of fun. They liked each other from the very first moment. Dallas was the perfect gentleman and we will never forget these days in Sweden. Once again a special thanks - tack så mycket - for all to owner Lena Tellberg, POMPANO KENNEL. You both are great!

The puppies' pedigree is a blend of some of the Top Silvers of USA and Europe. Both parents have special nice temperaments and are of elegant types with great dignity.

Dam: Graphic Silverstar 'Cara'

Cara is truly our Silverstar, shining bright in our life. Under her dense silver coat she shows a well-proportioned strong body with balanced angulation and nice neck length. Her major magic is her adorably elegant head.

She has one of the sweetest temperaments with a rather settled character for Silvers. Outside, she shows her full power and vitality and can be a true clown. She is always ready to play and loves to retrieve, like the original purpose of the breed.

All who got to know her better, talk about the bright shining sparkle in her eyes - like a true silver star!

Cara was awarded with Championships of 8 different countries and is International Champion of FCI, Specialty Best In Show and Group Winner and #1 Poodle (all colors and sizes) and #2 dog of FCI Group 9 in 2012 of Austria.


Cara's facts:

DOB: June 28, 2010 / U.S.A.
Sire: Dimarko Graphic Diplomacy
Dam: Graphic Silver Allure
Reg #: (FCI) ÖHZB PU 10197 (AKC PR14487001)
hips: A (A/A)
elbows: 0/0
eyes: free of all symptoms
Neonatal Encephalopathy: clear (non carrier)
von Willebrands Disease: clear (non carrier)
Magligant Hyperthermia: clear (non carrier)
coat color: BBEE (carries only black)
teeth: correct, full dental

More about Cara



Sire: Pompano Texas Twister 'Dallas'

Dallas is a happy, easy going and sweet Poodle that loves every one and has been like that from the very beginning of his life. He has an extra beautiful head with the right expression for a Poodle with an excellent chin which is often lacking in Standard Poodles.

We met Dallas twice. First time in December 2012 at the great show weekend in Helsinki, where he won "Finland Winner" and "Helsinki Winner". He showed himself very proudly in the ring with lots of attitude. Especially his excellent and well balanced angulation catched our eye while he was moving.

Meeting him eye to eye was a pleasure. He has wonderfully dark, almond shaped eyes, surrounded of the most beautiful face we ever saw on a silver-gray Standard male - let’s say - on a Standard at all! His head is a masterpiece with a perfectly built chin and lines.

His sweet temperament is what we were searching for. He has a lot of sparkle in his eyes, but still can stay calm. This is what makes a true poodle temperament for us.

Meeting him the second time to breed our Cara to him showed us his next attribute. He was the true 'Prince Charming' to our Lady. Giving a lots of kisses and being patient until she gave in and decided that he was an excellent choice as a father of her future puppies.

Dallas was awarded with Championships of 4 different countries and is International Champion of FCI, Winner of many titles of important shows, Multi Best of Breed Winner in several countries, especially in Sweden, where all colors are judged together. He actually is #1 best male Poodle (all colors and sizes) and #2 best Standard Poodle of Swedisch Poodle Club list 2013.
Dallas ended his show career by winning World Winner 2014 title in Helsinki.


Dallas, new World Winner 2014, photo (c) Elina Intke

Dallas' facts:

DOB: April 04, 2010 / Sweden
Sire: Bar-None Corps Consulaire Calie
Dam: Mermix McGreat Divide
Reg #: (FCI) SE 32160/2010
hips: B (A/B)
eyes: free of all symptoms
Neonatal Encephalopathy: clear by parents (non carrier)
von Willebrands Disease: clear by parents (non carrier)
coat color: BBEe (carries black and white)
teeth: correct, full dental




Litter's Pedigree

Pompano Texas Twister
DOB: 10.04.2010
hips: B (A/B)
eyes: free of all symptoms
NE: free by parents
vWD: free by parents
coat color: BBEe
CIB DK SE EE PL SK LU FI CH, WW-09+11 Bar-None Corps Consulaire Calie
hips: A
US CA CH Dimarko Graphic Diplomacy
CIB US CH Graphic Metalica
USCH Graphic Sommersmoke
dark grey (blue)
Bar-None Tangled Up In Blue
dark gray (blue)
Avalon's Atantis
USCH Donnchada We Love Lucy
dark grey (blue)
CIB FI EE LV LT RU BALT CH Mermix McGreat Divide
dark grey (blue)
hips: A/A
CIB FI DK LU NL LT LV EE CH Marechal The Real McCoy
AU CH Picardy My Marechal
Marechal Still Havin Fun
CIB FI EE LT PL CH WJW-03 Pompano French Fashion
US SE CH Lemerle Pardon My French
dark grey (blue)
Calie's Classic Chrome Code CC
Graphic Silverstar
DOB: 28.06.2010
hips: A (A/A)
elbows: 0/0
eyes: free of all symptoms
NE: clear (N/N)
vWD: clear (N/N)
MH: clear (N/N)
coat color: BBEE
US CA CH Dimarko Graphic Diplomacy
hips: excellent (OFA), A
CIB USCH Graphic Metalica
USCH Pinafore Prospecter
USCH Pinafore Surprise Package
USCH Graphic Summersmoke
dark gray (blue)
USCH Graphic Contraband
USCH Graphic Sauvie Quicksilver
USCH Graphic Silver Allure
hips: excellent (OFA), A
USCH Graphic Prophecy
USCH Blacktie Slvrngent Dayspring
Graphic Winter Storm
USCH Graphic Double Platinum
USCH Graphic Metalica
USCH Graphic Sauvie Quicksilver


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