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Advanced Training

Beside the constant gain of books in German and English about breeding dogs, their character and anatomy, we are keen to attend regularly important training/workshops and seminars.

"You live and learn" - especially for breeders is this an essential sentence!


2017   "The Miracle of Birth" by Dipl.TA. Eva Müller (A), (ÖKV-Academy, A)

2017   ÖCP Breeder Conference - "Paragraphs are eating up everything" by Mag. Gerhard Pöllinger (A)

2017   "Successful Aging" - aging dogs can get same problems like humans. What to do?
        by AP Dr. Udo Gansloßer (D) and Dr. Sabine Mai (A), (ÖKV-Academy, A)

2017   "My puppy" - parents, prenatal, first weeks and puberty - how breeders can individually support each puppy
        by AP Dr. Udo Gansloßer (D) and Dr. Sabine Mai (A), (ÖKV-Academy, A)

2017   Breeder Information 2017 - eye diseases, formula, hypothyroidism, tumor of testis (VetMedUni Vienna, A)

2016   ÖCP Breeder Conference - new breeding rules for poodles in Austria (A)

2016   Behavioral genetics and epigenetics by Prof. Irene Sommerfeld-Stur (A), (ASK, A)

2016   "Motion in Focus" - anatomy, movement, motion, health in theory & practice
        by Prof. Dr. Martin Fischer (D) and Dr. Sabine Mai (A), (ÖKV-Academy, A)

2016   Breeder Information 2016 - Homeopathy, Skin, C-section, Neonatology (VetMedUni Vienna, A)

2016   Dog Congress - puppies, youngsters, nutrition, off-leash, pack, homeopathy with Celina del Amo,
        Swanie Simon, Inga Böhm-Reithmeier, Silvia Weber, Thomas Riepe, Dr. Ines Kitzweger, (event4dogs, A)

2015   "Light in the Tunnel" How you can improve health in your breed by C.A. Sharp (USA), (ÖKV-Academy, A)

2015   Breeder Information 2015 (VetMedUni Vienna, A)

2015   ÖCP Breeder Conference I - Genetically perfect, but still have problems by Dr. Cornelia Reinöhl-De Souza (A)

2014   "Clauses don't bite" by Mag. Gerhard Pöllinger (A) (ÖKV-Academy, A)

2014   ÖCP Breeder Conference II - Breeding rules and breeders award program (A)

2014   Structure in Action by Pat Hastings (USA) (Lupologic ÖKV, A)

2014   Breeder Information 2014 (VetMedUni Vienna, A)

2013   ÖCP Breeder Conference II - Kennel hygiene by Irene Morauf-Eberle (A)

2013   Breeder Information 2013 (VetMedUni Vienna, A)

2013   ÖCP Breeder Conference I - Genetic diseases and dispositions of Poodles by Prof. Irene Sommerfeld-Stur (A)

2012   ÖCP Breeder Conference II - Puppy imprinting by Dr. Med. Elisabath Karsai (A)

2012   Breeding & Character - Epigentic Seminar (Kynologos AG, CH)

2012   ÖCP Breeder Conference I - Standard of the Poodle by Dr. Gertraude Kronik (A)

2011   First Aid for Dogs Workshop (VetMedUni Vienna, A)

2011   Breeder Information 2011 (VetMedUni Vienna, A)

2011   Handling Workshop by Brigitte Copeland (USA)

2011   Show-Grooming Workshop "Continental Clip" by Brigitte Copeland (USA)

2010   Grooming Workshop "Second Puppy Clip" by World Winner Denys Lorrain (F)

2010   About vaccinations - Poodle Club of America Foundation Seminar, PCA Salisbury, MD (USA)

2009   ÖKV Ringsteward and -secretary Workshop (ÖKV-Academy, A)

2009   Education for professional Groomer at Gold-Medal-Winner Margit Schönauer (Hundesalon Wien, A)

2009   Tellington Touch Advanced Workshop by Katharina Aberle (A)

2008   Handling Workshop by Birgit Primig (A)

2008   Tellington Touch Beginners Workshop by Katharina Aberle (A)

"Learing is like rowing against the current. Once you stop it, you drift back" Laozi


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