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Leaders of the Poodle-Pack

Chris & Karin with Cara and her eight puppies, spring 2014


For 40 years poodles are living in our family as beloved pets. Life is unthinkable without poodles.
Our poodles are a main part of our life. Anything else would be lying :) For us, poodles are beyond comparison - they are simply perfect for our life.

Currently we share our life with five silver-gray Standards Cara, Bella, Ceasar, Jessi, Angie and one silver-gray Medium Dori. Some are shown at dog shows and a few special ones will be bred and some are 'just' pets, but all are our beloved family members living with us in our house. Most of the time, we just have fun with them, like with ordinary pet poodles. To live a good life all together is most important to us.

We all live together in a smart house in Böheimkirchen, a small village near Vienna in Lower Austria, the northeastern part of Austria. We are surrounded by great trails along small creeks, in a landscape dominated of fields and meadows, between rolling hills and silent forests - a real dog's paradise!



Poodles accompany me since my childhood
My first dog was a Poodle - our dark-gray Asti. She became the pet friend of my childhood. Not a single day went by without one of these curled wolves. I still can't think of anything better than how it is at the moment.
   Beside the Poodle, my childhood time was filled with pets. Cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, budgerigars, rainbow finches, frogs and a colorful fresh water tank - and many rescued wild animals, which were coddled up and finally got back to freedom. Some time later, I was accompanied by a horse and my Afghan Hound Shila. But all the time, the Poodle was the main part in my life.
   I discovered my passion for grooming with Jessi. I do all the show grooming of our Poodles by myself and the number of my shears is steadily increasing :)

In my opinion nothing affects more than an aging dog
A person becomes real dog person only after gently accompanying a dog until old age and letting him go in dignity. If he adopts such special friend again, he is a dog person starting to understand.


That's how poodles came into my life
Already as a child I wanted my own dog, but that was not possible But we had a lot of chicken. Thus, I just trained these - even with success. The first dog in my life was a German Shepard crossbreed, which had a big passion - bananas. For these he did almost anything.
   Karin introduced me to Bigi. Before that, a poodle fell into the category "Fifi"-dog. But the little poodle lady took my heart by storm. Hence it was soon clear that the next dog would be a larger version of her - Jessi.
   Since one leads to another, I handle already our third poodle at dog shows.  It is fun and makes proud to stand in the spotlight with such noble dogs.

The poodle is (not) a men's dog ?!
The core of the poodle is not really uncovered in Goethe's famous tragic play 'Faust'. If one looks more intensively under the curls, a dog with following attributes can be found: athletic, alert, loyal, intelligent, and eager to learn.
Clearly the poodle is a men's dog - whom the curls annoy, should simply cut them :)



My first poodle came to us in 1975 
A charming poodle in Italy inspired my passion for this very special breed. Shortly after that Asit came into our family. She grew into a real dream dog with many talents. She played postman between my daughters and me. She helped me tidy the floor. She searched for lost badminton balls. She protected our budgerigars and guinea pigs as if they were her pups. She participated on every trip and vacation. Today, Dori and Angie are my 'heart dogs'.

The perfect family dog
In my opinion a poodle is the perfect family dog. They impress with their quick grasp and their ability to adapt to the daily family routine. They want to come with you everywhere without condition, what shouldn't be a problem in a good organized family.

   Despite their adaptability, each of theses curly wolves needs some time of undivided attention every day. Than they really flourish and you get back everything thousand fold.

The *StarDesign* Team - Chris, Eva, Karin & Dori, Jessi, Cara

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