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Cara and the Victoria's Secret-Model

August 17 and 18, 2012

Some weeks ago, we got a call from professional photographer Rafaela Pröll. She wanted Cara as a model for a catalogue-shoot of a famous fashion boutique.
   We listened carefully and finally agreed. These two days were a lot of great fun with a very special team! We will never regret - we will never forget!


Cara and Chris on a couch of the Presidential Suite "Madame Butterfly" in world-famous "Hotel Sacher"


The catalogue was made for the famous Vienna fashion boutique Popp & Kretschmer, located at the end of the Kärntner Strasse opposite the Viennese State Opera and near the world-famous Hotel Sacher.
   Cara set paw on very traditional, luxurious carpets, couches, and bed of the Presidential Suite "Madame Butterfly" which was the exclusive set for two days.


Cara's kennel was placed in one of the five rooms of the Butterfly Suite ...
... but most of the time, she found better places
ready for the next shot


The model was Swede Caroline Winberg. She is a Victoria's Secret-Model and was on cover of the 'Vogue'. In Austria, she is known for the main part of the 'Vöslauer'-TV-spot. She told us, she often worked with animals, but never with such a talented dog like Cara. This made us very proud of our girl!
   The shoot was taken in the five rooms of the Butterfly Suite, the 'Blue Bar' and some other very special rooms of the traditional hotel.



Cara after finishing a shot on the luxury bed
... in the famous 'Blue Bar'
the set in another exquisite room


There was always plenty time for a break between the shots and we went out for a little walk. In front of the Hotel Sacher is the Viennese State Opera and in July many tourists are walking there. So we still were surrounded of cameras and many nice compliments for our gorgeous Cara.


in the Sacher Hotel, Vienna
one of the younger Cara fans at the Viennese State Opera and the Sacher Hotel in the background
in front of the Viennese State Opera


Many reporters of famous newspapers and TV channels visited us. They all were very kind and really liked Cara as you can read and see in their stories and videos. Finally, we are very proud of our sweet 'Californian Girl'!


Chris was interviewed about his Cara
Caroline Winberg and Cara are surrounded of reporters


Stories, videos and many more photos!

Click on the images to open a larger version. Stories and photos might be available longer , the videos will be online only for a short period.



ORF2 'Sommerzeit' July 19, 2012 - video (no longer available)
ORF1 'Chilli' July 20, 2012 - video (no longer available)
PULS4 'PINK' July 25, 2012 - video (still available)
HEUTE July 19, 2012 - story
HEUTE July 19, 2012 - click to link to story
HEUTE July 19, 2012 - click to link to more photos
VIENNA.AT July 18, 2012 - click to link to story, video and more photos

NEWS No. 36 - September 6, 2012


We wanted to thank the whole team around photographer Rafaela Pröll and owners of Popp & Kretschmer for their warm welcome, the kind atmosphere and to provide us an insight into another world for these two days. Special thanks for treating Cara like a little Diva :)



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